Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bobbi Brown: Rich Chocolate Eye Palette + Pink Coral Blush

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Let me start off with saying that Bobbi Brown is probably my favorite brand. In my opinion, it doesn't get enough recognition in the blogosphere. I really don't get why that might be the case. It's true that Bobbi Brown products usually stay on the neutral side. Bobbi Brown, as a make-up artist, wants to highlight natural beauty rather than adding a second layer of colorfulness. In a Vanity Fair-Interview, Bobbi Brown explains that the motto of the brand is "Be Who You Are" (ok, the interview might be almost 6 years old, but in case you're interested, you can read it here. I don't think Bobbi Brown has strayed far from her choices make-up wise since then.). I also own her make-up manual and really can't wait for her newest book - "Everything Eyes" - to become available. In case you're interested in getting a better overview of her offerings, I totally recommend you watching Essie Button's Brand Focus Video.
However, When I first started getting into make-up, I didn't give much of a thought to Bobbi Brown, probably because it isn't talked about as much as Urban Decay, Revlon oder MAC (just to name a few examples). I'm not sure how it happened; it must've been like three months ago. Lately, I've collected quite a bunch of Bobbi Brown products. Her corrector/concealer definitely is a HG-product and her blushes are my favorite ones next to Nars blushers.

Anyway, let's start talking about my little haul. I ordered both the Bobbi Brown "Rich Chocolate Eye Palette" and the "Pink Coral" Blusher (not to be confused with the permanent shimmer blusher!) through We do have a few Bobbi Brown counters in Switzerland, but since these two products were part of the Fall 2013 Rich Chocolate Collection, they weren't in stock anymore anywhere else. Thus, I felt incredibly happy to see it on the German site. Unfortunately, it's no longer available, but I've just read about a new palette that will be released as part of Nectar and Nude Collection and it looks pretty darn beautiful as well.

This is such a gorgeous palette. It contains 7 eyeshadows (0.27 OZ/7.9g altogether compared to the 0.13 OZ/3.7g you get in a single eyeshadow). As with all Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, they're super smooth and easily blendable. Ok, I might be a bit biased :) I'm not sure how much I paid for this palette, as I only remember paying in Euros (and they subtracted a certain amount as well, how confusing). Bobbi Brown items definitely don't come cheap, but they're well worth the price. Also, this palette created quite some hype when it was released.
The 7 eyeshadows that are included are:

Bone (matte): This is one of their most famous shades. It's great as an all-over lid wash or as a base color. It's described as an "off white".

Stone (matte): Again, it's a pretty popular shade. However, the single compact version has a shimmer finish and I've been longing to get my hands on it for quite some time. I definitely like the matte version as well. It's described as a "medium ash brown".

Frappe (matte): It's described as a medium ash brown". It's definitely very versatile. I see it working as a neutral lid wash, as a crease color and as a color to blend other colors together.

Caramel (sparkle): It's described as a "shimmery brown sparkle". As with most sparke eyeshadows, ot's best used on a wet brush. I personally prefer Mac's Fix+.

Champagne Truffle (shimmer wash): It's described as a "warm pink beige". Such a gorgeous color. I love how it's so pigmented yet gives a really soft color pay-off. It definitely adds to create a natural yet sexy look.

Cocoa (matte): A "warm ashy brown". Yet another popular shade. I love how it's warm-toned. It's another one of the colors that I've been longing to get. It's a darker version of their other famous shade, Taupe.

Rich Chocolate (matte): A "dark brown". I can imagine using it both in my crease to create a nice natural smokey eye and as an eyeliner.

Swatches. (*aaargh*, my arm looks somehow scary!)

This palette also includes a brush.

I will definitely keep you posted with FOTDs. So far I really love to look of the palette. Oh, I'm such a sucker for Bobbi Brown products haha.

The Pink Coral blusher (31) totally screams Spring to me although it was released in the Fall. With my mind already set on Spring (how couldn't it be with all these pretty Spring collections being released, *siiiigh*) I really can't wait to start using this blusher. It's described as a "bright nectar". It's really pigmented but not overly pigmented that you need to be careful how to use it. It will definitely work great with coral and pink lipsticks (oh how I love Spring collections!). I own a fair amount of Bobbi Brown blushes and I plan on doing a post comparing them to each other eventually so that you'll get a better idea of the color variety that the brand offers. 

How do you like these two products? Do you already own them? If not, what Bobbi Brown products do you own and which are your favorite ones? Leave a comment down below, I'm really curious to hear your opinions on Bobbi Brown products! Maybe you can also let me know what products you're interested in the most. I can definitely imagine doing a post on their lipsticks or their eyeshadows in the future as well if that's something you're interested in.

Have a lovely Sunday evening.

Xo Laura

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