Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette: Cognac Sable

Hey pretty people. This will be a rather short post. I somehow managed to catch the flu, so I'm lying in bed atm feeling slightly bored. I hate how the flu always hits you when you expect it the least, but I guess that's how things roll haha. I actually tried to go to work today but I left again after an hour, feeling like every inch of my body was made of steel (I'm pretty sure I must've looked ridiculous trying to walk around. I'm sure people could have confused me with a robot, siigh). I decided to go home to Zug (an area 30 minutes from Zurich) and I didn't bring my laptop or any special make-up items, so I'm kind of lacking material to do an interesting post. I found these pictures of my Tom Ford "Cognac Sable" palette though and decided to share them with you. I know that TF-products are crazily expensive, but, in my opinion, they're well worth the price. This palette was definitely a special treatment to myself and I fell in love with the four shades the moment I lay my eyes on them. They're the perfect coppery-brownish shades! So this quad sort of started my addiction for all TF products. I still think that these palettes should be treated as a "special gift" to oneself with the incredulously steep price but doesn't everybody need a chear-me-up item every once in a while?:) Three out of the four shades are definitely warm toned.

Top left: warm lightish sand gold shade. In my opinion, this shade is too dark to be used as a highlighter. It's great as an all-over lid wash for a daytime loom though.

Top right: a warm coppery sparkle. Best used as a top coat to add some glitter to the look. It's rather sheer. I recommend using it with a wet brush / Mac's Fix +.

Bottom left: warm, medium chestnut brown. This is a great crease shade/ lid shade for a smokey eye look. It contains some glitter.

Bottom right: cool, dark brown with shimmer. It is a pretty dark shade. Since TF eyeshadows are so silky and smooth, keep in mind to be careful with the application.

Now, as you have probably already figured out, I totally recommend the palette to everybody. I might even go as far to describe it as my favorite palette. Though my Bobbi Brown and my TF "Cocoa Mirage" get a lot of love as well.
Unfortunately, I don't have my palette with me, so I'm lacking swatches. You'll be able to find tons of great swatches through youtube though. I found a picture on my phone of my Christmas make-up look and I'll feature it down below. I used this palette to create the look displayed on the picture.
So talk to you again soon. Keep your chins up and stay healthy:) I'll add a motivational picture down below as well, because these inspirational thoughts really make me feel better about my sick self lol. Oh, and I plan on doing a post on hyped products and on my "Clarisonic" story (sorry, there's no happy ending to it). I'm off to bed again.

xo Laura


  1. Bold claims for a favourite palette! Haha, the shades look so gorgeous though and I've heard amazing things about these shadows. They are quite a bit out of my price range though!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. haha so true! I'm not sure what it is about this palette that makes me love it so much. I guess it's the luxurious feeling of the product. I remember the first time I wore it, my friend was like "omg you're wearing it today"... he could literally see me glowing from within haha. It is super expensive though! Imo it's well worth the price since it really makes me feel "special" (that might sound pretty shallow sigh). Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my latest post for your questions!

  3. i've nominated you for the liebster award as i really love your blog posts! here's a link to my post for you to have a look -

    emily X

  4. really like the colours in this, I love palettes they're so handy to carry around X

  5. Thanks girls! I will definitely check out your blogs :) unfortunately, I've been incredibly busy lately, but I'll try my best and catch up during the next couple of days! xo